Red Bean Coffee are a Melbourne coffee roaster specialising in high quality Arabica coffee, grown at high altitudes of tropical and equatorial regions where coffee is diverse in flavour and varieties.

Our cafe is located at 121 Plenty Road, Preston right across from Brighton Ave. We serve some of the tastiest breakfast, brunch and lunch treats this side of Melbourne.

We source green coffee beans from ethical sources where farming communities and the land are sustainable, wildlife are protected, farmers are paid fairly, are properly equipped, and given opportunity for education and medical care.

We continue on a journey of evolving our understanding of coffee from farm to cup, and ensure that our intentions are respectful, ethical, and transparent with a positive purpose.

Our Tiger mascot symbolises bravery, protection and courage. The bravery and courage to protect the ecological balance of our natural environment and of wildlife. By purchasing our coffee, you are part of our journey towards a sustainable planet.

Respecting the journey of the bean.

Read what our customers have said about us

  • Great coffee. Beautiful food and brilliant service.

    Marleine Porcellato Avatar
    Marleine Porcellato

    One of our all-time favourite places to grab a bite to eat and a delicious coffee. We particularly love the... more

    Clan Collective Avatar
    Clan Collective

    WOW. YUM. Amazing Coffee. Amazing deliciously yummy food. Thankyou Chef & barista, keep it going 👌❤️

    S Braunig Avatar
    S Braunig
  • Excellent quality coffee roasters...
    Great food and pantry supplies as well...

    Georges Pougioukas Avatar
    Georges Pougioukas

    Ordered coffee online. Easy to use and more importantly the coffee was amazing. Would recommend to anyone who wants coffee... more

    Sid Cavs Avatar
    Sid Cavs

    Love their breakfast and coffee.
    Very fresh and colourful breakfast served. And have freshly roasted whole beans to buy.

    Linny Wy Avatar
    Linny Wy
  • The food and coffee are great, and the service is also fantastic!

    Lou and the whole team at Red Bean are...

    Alexandra Gummer Avatar
    Alexandra Gummer