Red Bean Coffee are a Melbourne coffee roaster specialising in high quality Arabica coffee, grown at high altitudes of tropical and equatorial regions where coffee is diverse in flavour and varieties.

Our cafe is located at 121 Plenty Road, Preston right across from Brighton Ave. We serve some of the tastiest breakfast, brunch and lunch treats this side of Melbourne.

We source green coffee beans from ethical sources where farming communities and the land are sustainable, wildlife are protected, farmers are paid fairly, are properly equipped, and given opportunity for education and medical care.

We continue on a journey of evolving our understanding of coffee from farm to cup, and ensure that our intentions are respectful, ethical, and transparent with a positive purpose.

Our Tiger mascot symbolises bravery, protection and courage. The bravery and courage to protect the ecological balance of our natural environment and of wildlife. By purchasing our coffee, you are part of our journey towards a sustainable planet.

Respecting the journey of the bean.

Read what our customers have said about us

  • Nice creamy cappuccino, really good coffee. delicious food, lovely staff. Nice open spaces and dog friendly. Might have found our... more

    Mates Joey Avatar
    Mates Joey

    Wonderful cafe, friendly staff, great coffee, delicious food, ethically minded. I can't fault this cafe at all.

    Jess Pike Avatar
    Jess Pike

    Very good coffee in hipster South Preston!

    James Long Avatar
    James Long

    Great coffee. Beautiful food and brilliant service.

    Marleine Porcellato Avatar
    Marleine Porcellato

    Today two young staff members went out of their way today to help me, for no reason other than... more

    Miss NORWAY Avatar
    Miss NORWAY

    Good coffee.

    Boris Spass Avatar
    Boris Spass
  • Great food and lovely staff. Very nice laid back cafe. Coffee was not the best, tasted a little salty.

    Wafa Alnuzha Avatar
    Wafa Alnuzha

    Nice coffee shop

    Davy BT Avatar
    Davy BT

    Had a great time playing put the sandwich back together yourself, if ikea was a Cafe this place would be... more

    Antoine Buttsmilk Avatar
    Antoine Buttsmilk

    Friendly staff, nice Benedict. Nice coffee

    Jing Yu Avatar
    Jing Yu

    Found this amazing cafe having left my car across the road for some maintenance. As soon as you walk in... more

    Kai Ridge Avatar
    Kai Ridge

    Good atmosphere, full of variety, good drinks with unsual names. Plenty of room to enjoy a Lovely meal with... more

    Peter, Murray White Avatar
    Peter, Murray White
  • Great coffee. Most here know a lot about the beans they're selling.

    Benjamin Leaver Avatar
    Benjamin Leaver

    I’ve tried many coffee places and this is by far the best this side of Melbourne
    If i were to describe...

    burnt hsp Avatar
    burnt hsp

    coffee, food, staff, All Perfect! I love this place <3

    미미 Avatar


    Abeer Mohammed Avatar
    Abeer Mohammed

    One of our all-time favourite places to grab a bite to eat and a delicious coffee. We particularly love the... more

    Clan Collective Avatar
    Clan Collective

    Great place with friendly staff

    M Yang Avatar
    M Yang
  • WOW. YUM. Amazing Coffee. Amazing deliciously yummy food. Thankyou Chef & barista, keep it going 👌❤️

    S Braunig Avatar
    S Braunig

    Love Red Bean, wonderful coffees and chais, super friendly and efficient staff, thanks for still being open, a bright spot... more

    Jennifer Williams Avatar
    Jennifer Williams

    Friendly staff and very good coffee. I bought coffee beans and I loved it. Will definitely buy again and again.

    Zainab Alkhiri Avatar
    Zainab Alkhiri

    I like Red bean coffee roasters, they make great coffee, good cheese cake, the sell nice almond croissants, etc. I... more

    Patrick Chiodi Avatar
    Patrick Chiodi

    Best coffee! Great baristas and the food is amazing! Ps check out the photos of all their doggy visitors on... more

    Sara Hill Avatar
    Sara Hill

    The food and coffee are great, and the service is also fantastic!Lou and the whole team at Red Bean are... more

    Alexandra Gummer Avatar
    Alexandra Gummer
  • I like Red bean coffee roasters, they make great coffee, good cheese cake, the sell nice almond croissants, etc. I... more

    Patrick Chiodi Avatar
    Patrick Chiodi

    Big fan of the egg and bacon roll on GF bread 😀

    Richard Woodburn Avatar
    Richard Woodburn

    Great coffee beans, friendly staff, and good food. What more do want from a café..

    Patrick Chiodi Avatar
    Patrick Chiodi

    Great setting, nice, open and spacious (unlike most cafes)!! First class service just adds icing to this place.There's a waiter... more

    Mr G Avatar
    Mr G

    Love the cool laid back feel - food is good, coffee is great with outdoor options.

    Nora L Avatar
    Nora L

    Great food. Friendly and helpful Staff. Nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely be back.

    Steven Colelough Avatar
    Steven Colelough
  • Excellent quality coffee roasters...Great food and pantry supplies as well...

    Georges Pougioukas Avatar
    Georges Pougioukas

    Brilliant coffee and staff

    David Gallagher Avatar
    David Gallagher

    Top coffee yummy food. Great service. WillSurely be back.

    paul barcha Avatar
    paul barcha

    I appreciate their attempts at sustainability.Will come again... for the savoury waffles.

    Ceel P Avatar
    Ceel P

    The food, coffee and ambience is fantastic here. Lovely friendly staff.The Moroccan chicken roll was delicious. Will definitely be back.

    LoulaK Avatar

    Great little place! Had a great lunch and cappuccino.

    Sandy Niedzwiecki Avatar
    Sandy Niedzwiecki
  • Great service, great food every time. We have never left disappointed! Great if you’re gluten intolerant or coeliac, they really... more

    Stefany Spyropoulos Avatar
    Stefany Spyropoulos

    I saw a dog drink a latte last time i was here. Staff are very welcoming.

    R. Goodie Avatar
    R. Goodie

    Great breakfast place.

    Chun Wei Tan Avatar
    Chun Wei Tan

    Friendly and helpful staff. Delicious coffee and snacks.

    Nur Amir Avatar
    Nur Amir

    Consistently good coffee and food. Great to have this place in the neighbourhood!

    Damien Bateman Avatar
    Damien Bateman

    Super staff. Grouse ambience. Groovy music. Good food. Good coffee.

    David Radford Avatar
    David Radford
  • It is a cafe

    Greg Hamilton Avatar
    Greg Hamilton

    What a great service and the food is just what you want on a Sunday morning 👌👌👌

    SergejFast Avatar

    Best Oat Magic I've had in such a long time!!!

    George Janev Avatar
    George Janev

    One of the most beautiful moments I enjoyed during my coffee with my friends and my child, the coffee was... more

    Besh E Avatar
    Besh E

    The best coffee bean blend so far.

    Burak Arslan Avatar
    Burak Arslan

    Had a great breakfast accompanied by a great coffee. The staff are very friendly. The menu has some other great... more

    James Toniazzo Avatar
    James Toniazzo
  • Ordered coffee online. Easy to use and more importantly the coffee was amazing. Would recommend to anyone who wants coffee... more

    Sid Cavs Avatar
    Sid Cavs

    What can I say? Best coffee I've ever had. I will definitely be back for that! Combined... more

    Cats Lover Avatar
    Cats Lover

    Great place for a coffee and some food. Atmosphere is top notch, with a cool industrial feel, the coffee... more

    Amos Rojter Avatar
    Amos Rojter

    Recently gave this place another shot, and couldn't be more pleased with my experience. Great staff, great coffee, great vibes.... more

    Abdulkader Chakli Avatar
    Abdulkader Chakli

    As a kiwi i love food, each good meal has stuck with me. The muesli is in my top 5... more

    nesian 94 Avatar
    nesian 94

    Lovely dog friendly cafe with plenty of outdoor seating. The staff have dog treats for your fur friends. The hot... more

    Carl Halpin Avatar
    Carl Halpin
  • Excellent pastrami toastie on specials menu. You should keep it on the menu ongoing

    Robert Saviane Avatar
    Robert Saviane

    Amazing food every time I go!!

    Kathryn Flannagan Avatar
    Kathryn Flannagan